Does work rewire your brain?

A last-minute Guerrilla Test taught me a lot about the people I work with on my agile team.

As a designer I wanted to test the memorability of a page I had created for lead generation. I walked around my office to gather quick feedback on my prototype from my colleagues.

Step 1: Each colleague had 5 seconds to look at the prototype before it was taken away.

(Since this is the average time a user spends on a webpage: 5 seconds!)

Step 2: The colleague is given a piece of paper to draw what they remember.

This is what my colleagues could recollect from the prototype:

Colleague from MARKETING: Could only remember the image I used on top of the page. He told me he remembered a scenic image with mountains and a person standing over it.

Colleague from DEVELOPMENT: Only remembered the 3 CTA (Call to action) buttons on the page.

Colleague from QUALITY ASSURANCE: Noticed some misaligned text on the page.

In the limited time to view my prototype my colleagues noticed aspects on the page that directly correlate with their job. Since the marketer is used to working with content she noticed the image. The developer noticed the buttons which potentially needed coding. Quality Assurance spotted a misalignment of content on the page.

Isn’t it remarkable how a person’s perspective is influenced by their job!

This reiterated the importance of knowing your target audience. Before designing a product, you want to spend as much time as possible with your target audience and observe them on their jobs.

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